Top 10 budget friendly fashion bloggers

Posted by Ashraf Manasra on

There are lots of fashion bloggers in the internet these day, but when it comes to budget friendly fashion bloggers you can find only a little to trust, so this reason we have compiled the following list for the top 10 budget friendly fashion bloggers.

Extra Petite

"I'm a big fan of classic looks but with small twists or interesting detailing." This is how J.CREW, the lady behind Extra Petite, describes herself.

J.CREW extra petite

Carrie Bradshaw Lied 

"I consider myself a budget-friendly fashionista and love sharing my discoveries with you guys in not only fashion, but also home, travel, personal content and more." Kathleen, the lady managing Carrie Bradshaw Lied, started her blog in 2010.

Kathleen Carrie Bradshaw Lied

Penny Pincher Fashion

"I'm a big believer in investing in "hero pieces" that you can wear multiple different ways. These timeless staples typically have an extremely low cost per wear & can stretch even the most minimalist wardrobe to great lengths." Kimberly, Penny Pincher Fashion, talking about here methodology.

Kimberly, Penny Pincher Fashion

Looking Fly on a Dime

"From thrift shopping strategies to styling advice and ways to navigate any store like a pro, I believe fashion should be affordable and accessible for women of all shapes and lifestyles." Patrice, Looking Fly on a Dime.

Patrice, Looking Fly on a Dime

Nany’s Klozet

"Many bloggers wore outfits ONE time while I wanted to share how to take advantage of what you have and to invest in pieces that you could wear over and over again." Daniela, Nany’s Klozet

Daniela, Nany’s Klozet

The Key Item

"My blog is a collection of inspirational images, information on new trends and designers; At the same time, I publish personal images of my clothes, events and street style, style guides and shopping list." Nathalia, The Key Item.

Nathalia, The Key Item


Lifestyled Atlanta's purpose is not to focus on the material things, but to truly to make every client feel better about themselves and find their inner style. Courtney Clymer mission is to "instill and boost confidence in every woman and man, and help them to feel both guided and purposeful with their style -- every day."

Courtney, Lifestyled

Lovely In LA 

Coupled with Rachel's expertise as a fit and fashion model, she launched Lovely in LA as a creative outlet and opportunity to share both her amazing wardrobe and variety of available styles for other women looking to escape the plus size rut.

Rachel, Lovely In LA

Run Style Run

There’s something about Brandi’s style we can’t quite put our finger on. Maybe it’s the incredible vintage finds she lands, or how her looks are the perfect balance of simple and stunning.

Brandi, Run Style Run

Champagne Lifestyle

"I am a crazy dog lady who is a lover of fashion, a vegan foodie, and a beauty product hoarder, with a love for interior design." Hannah, Champagne Lifestyle.

Hannah, Champagne Lifestyle